Virtual Autonomous Therapist Agent is an innovative remote physiotherapy product created by the Danish company Physio R&D and co-developed by its French partner Beo Santé.

Download the application (Android)

How’s it work?

A SaaS platform dedicated to physiotherapists

The platform allows to create and publish 100% personalised rehabilitation programmes, monitor and discuss in real time with patients.

  • Créez des exercices étape 4
  • Créez des questionnaires pour sonder avant/après les exercices vos patients
  • Organisez des vidéos consultations avec vos patients
  • Éduquez vos patients en créant des sessions d'apprentissage en ligne avec des vidéos éducatives

Programs and Exercises


E-learning sequences

Video Consultation

An Android application dedicated to patients

Available on tablets and smartphones

A virtual coach shows how to perform the exercices correctly, video consultations and e-learning sessions provide long term health benefits.

3d Virtual Trainer

Competitions and Progress


Digital Calendar

Scientific Evidence

Clinical trials have given scientific proof that VATA is feasible to treat patients from a distance suffering from conditions such as Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. Results show increased exercise capacity in all of them compared to control groups.

The system ensures 90% personalized training in real time and brings the patient to train in the most efficient intensity intervals autonomously, increasing adherence with 63% (results clinical trials below).